What we deliver

We provide a consulting service based on a real presence and participation in clients operation team.

[countable] a group of stars that forms a particular pattern and has a name:
Working together or individually, each star will be managing from different angle in hospitality industry


Room division – front office management, Yield management
F&B – restaurant, wedding and banquet management
Uploading web site, cost control and facility management
All operation management

【Hotel Management】
Full Hotel management services based on our extensive experience and broad expertise
Improved sales, service quality through targeted consultancy
Operation support for staff training and overall organization

【Front Operation】
Room division operations support by experienced staff
Providing advise on operation, staff efficiency and customer relations

【Hotel System Management】
Advise on selecting best PMS for the facility, high Yield management with report and configurations

【Yield Management】
Market research and reporting on competitors and localities.

【Web Marketing】
Website development for local and international marketing and sales
Development of room and stay packages and expand sales

【Web Page Planning】
Setting up Websites with creativity and latest technical capabilities

【Sales & Marketing】
Supporting Sales and marketing with our access to a broad range of Human Resources
Specialized marketing modules for inbound, group sales

【Risk Management】
Risk management consultancy and problem solving advise for individual case

【Housekeeping Management】
Staff training and external contractor relations, improve efficiency
Cost control on amenity and laundry services

【Restaurants & Bars】
Resetting target for new or established F&B outlets, market appropriate menu development
Onsite service and staff training, supporting cost control and cash flow efficiency

【Wedding Planning】
Area market research, sales and PR, media campaign
Wedding planning staff training and development

Area market research, sales and PR, revenue management

【Cost Control】
Indent cost control reviews and recommendation

【Human Resources】
Optimization of staffing assignment and shift management.
Ensuring staff motivation through training and improving work environment

New Business

Due diligence assessment for new business contract
World wide expansion through access to our wide Human Resources base

【Due Diligence】
Trusted market research based on broad industry knowledge and experience

Reliable onsite evaluation

Advise on contact with flexibility and responsiveness to owners and clients goals

Deliver staff employment, budgeting, system, material sourcing, building operation and system