Our clients

[Operational support]       Vietnam|City Hotel
[Own company operations]    Tokyo|Newly Entertainment Hotel
[Operational support]       Sri Lanka|Newly Built Hotel
[Operational support]       TOKYO|Luxury City Hotel
[Operational support]       TOCHIGI|Shiobara Onsen Ryokan
[Corporate management] NAGANO|HAKUBA Ski Resort Hotel
[Operational support]       NAGANO|HAKUBA Resort Hotel
[Operational support]       TOCHIGI|NIKKO Classic Hotel
[Operational support]       TOCHIGI|LAKE CHUZENJI Resort Hotel
[Operational support]       HOKKAIDO|NISEKO Ski Resort Hotel
[Management contract]    NAGANO|KISOKOMA Large golf & resort Hotel
[Operational support]       KUMAMOTO|One of the best thermal Onsen Ryokan
[Operational support]       FUKUOKA|Resort Hotel
[Operational support]       FUKUOKA|City Hotel
[Operational support]       HYOGO|KOBE City Hotel

and many others

Companies who have used our services include…

[Operational support]    KYOTO|GOJO High class business Hotel
[Operational support]    KYOTO|GOJO Guest House, Restaurant
[Operational support]    GUNMA|OZE Large golf & resort Hotel
[Operational support]    OSAKA|Namba High class business Hotel
[Operational support]    OSAKA|Namba Design Business Hotel
[Operational support]    Sri Lanka|Beach Resort Hotel
[Management contract] GUNMA|KAWABA ONSEN Luxury Ryokan New Business
[Operational support]    YAMANASHI|YAMANAKAKO Resort Hotel
[Operational support]    MIE|ISE Large resort Hotel
[Management contract] TOCHIGI|NASU Resort Hotel
[Management contract] TOCHIGI|NASU Steakhouse
[Management contract] TOCHIGI|NASU BBQ restaurant
[Operational support]    TOKYO|ROPPONGI Bar, Lounge
[Operational support]    SHIGA|Lake Biwa  Luxury Onsen Hotel
[Operational support]    YAMAGATA|YONEZAWA Domestic chain Hotel
[Operational support]    NAGANO|Shinshou Ueda Resort Hotel
[Operational support]    NAGANO|NOZAWA Apartment Hotel
[Operational support]    NAGANO|NOZAWA ONSEN Classic Ryokan
[Operational support]    NAGANO|HAKUBA  Membership Hotel
[Operational support]    TOKYO|SHINJUKU business Hotel
[Operational support]    TOKYO|SHINJUKU Self-catering Hotel

and many others

Experience and former roles of our CEO, Mitsunori Meguro include…

[Operational support]   Foreign fund hotel group
[Operational support]   NIIGATA|Resort Hotel
[Operational support]   NAGANO|Ski Resort Hotel
[Operational support]   NAGANO|HOKUSHIN Luxury Ryokan
[Operational support]   NAGANO|SHIGA KOGEN Resort Hotel
[Operational support]   NAGANO|Luxury Hotel
[Operational support]   NAGANO|Tateshina Kogen Hotel
[Operational support]   KOREA SEOUL|Major hotel group 4hotels
[Operational support]   NAGANO|Shinshu Landmark Hotel
[Operational support]   MIYAGI|Worldwide chain Hotel
[Operational support]   TOKYO|GINZA  Luxury Hotel
[Operational support]   CHIBA|NARITA  Worldwide chain Hotel
[Operational support]   KYOYO|KAWARAMACHI City Hotel
[Operational support]   NAGANO|Olympic Venue Hotel

and many others